Warranty Policies

Warranty Policies

1. If your frames are broken, you can replace them with a new same product for half the price of the original frames purchased. Please note that you can only use the offer once within one year from the original purchase date on the receipt.

2. Lenses will be warranted once in six months from the date of receipt of the following conditions are met:

- When the lenses have a change in the number of degrees compared to the original lens purchased (Warranty only for the eye with the number of degrees changed)
- When performing the warranty, the original lens/lenses purchased must be returned.
- The case of lost glasses is not covered by warranty.
- If the warranty card is lost, the warranty is not covered. Please sign the return and exchange receipt.

3. Lenses will not be covered under warranty in all cases, including the following:

- Scratches and deformation of lenses;
- Coating damage due to excessive heat; 
- Non advised chemical use which causes a reaction;
- If the product is exposed to water or rain, wipe them off immediately in the proper way.

4. If any previous repair interventions were performed at non-Paris Miki facilities, the warranty will be immediately void.

5. The warranty lenses will be the same design/model as the ones that were originally purchased. If the original lenses purchased are no longer manufactured, they will be replaced with lenses of comparable quality and price.

6. For repair requests, you need to provide a warranty card.

7.  If the equivalent warranty product does not meet the customer's needs, an upgrade to a better product is required, and the customer must pay the difference.

8.  Customers will pay for the cost of optometry during the warranty period.

Please note that in addition to the warranty on the number of degrees and color of the frames, the store will not guarantee any errors related to the frames and glasses in any other case. As a result, please read and follow the instructions for use carefully if you want to keep and use the product for a long time.

Thank you!

Paris Miki Vietnam. 

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